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The Quantum Heart Trilogy

A science fiction adventure through fractured spacetime

Satan, Aliens, Go!

Aliens are invading the Earth and only one kinda-man can help humanity.

Occams Odyssey

A  father steps into Hell to reclaim his dead son, but what he finds there is weirder than he ever imagined.

Quantum Fields Forever

 Causality has collapsed. Now Cthulhu has to travel through the fragmented spacetime to find out where it all began!


Horror that’s not afraid to make you laugh

An Eclipse Of Moths

The demon took his mother. What the demon didn’t know was that he’d picked the wrong person to mess with.

Sleepy Follow

 A fairground attraction starts following visitors on social media, and it’s not because it likes anything about them.

The Ghost At Number One

The ghost of an old lady pays nightly visits to a young woman and then leaves, but her visits are far more sinister than anyone can imagine.

TBR March 31st 2022  

Quantum Fields Forever

Quantum Fields Forever is the third and final chapter in the Quantum Heart trilogy. It was released on December 7th, 2020!


If you haven’t read the Quantum Heart trilogy, you done goofed.

– confucius